The entry of Chemic Ltd into the market of laboratory supplies occurred as a natural consequence to our original core business of industrial materials. In 1999 a strategic decision was taken to expand into this sector to offer our clients a more complete service. Most of our customers have laboratory facilities to support their production processes, and our entry into this field was very well received.

This also gave us an opportunity to explore and enter into other market sectors such as educational institutions, health organizations and independent laboratories.

We have , during the past few years, offered turnkey projects in the building of laboratories providing furniture, fittings and services according to our clients’ requirements. Moreover, we can offer a wide range of products from the simple test tube to specialized instrumentation .


The provision of a wide range of chemicals according to the intended use:

  • Laboratory reagents for general use
  • Analytical reagents
  • HPLC grade reagents
  • Reagents for Pesticide analysis
  • Reagents for Chromatography and Spectroscopy
  • Microbiological indicators
  • Concentrated volumetric solutions
  • Pharmacopeia grade reagents





All chemicals provided by Chemic Ltd come in original and sealed containers , with full documentation provided including certificates of anlaysis and material safety data sheets.

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Today’s laboratories are constantly monitoring their own operation to obtain the most accurate and consistent results. They require the highest level of confidence in their analysis to ensure that laboratory output is reliable. To achieve this, equipment and instrumentation have to be standardized and calibrated with reliable standards that can be traced to primary reference standards themselves.

We can offer a wide range of standards of the highest quality in a number of areas:

  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • AAS
  • ICP
  • ICP/MS



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A wide range of products are available in stock including:

  • Ampoules and vials
  • Aspirators
  • Beakers
  • Bottles: Winchester, Reagent, Media
  • Burettes and pipettes
  • Condensers
  • Crucibles
  • Cylinders: Measuring, Nesslers
  • Dessicators
  • Flasks: Conical, Volumetric, Flat or Round Bottomed, Kjeldahl
  • Funnels: Filter, Separating
  • Gas Jars
  • Microscope slides and cover slips
  • Mortars and Pestles
  • Jointed glassware
  • Spectrophotometer Cells
  • Syringes
  • Test tubes and boiling tubes
  • Weighing Boats








Products are imported from reputable suppliers in soda lime or borosilcate glass of very good quality and at very reasonable prices.

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Representing one of the major producers of laboratory plasticware in Europe has enabled us to offer a very wide range of products at very competitive prices. In stock, we hold a variety of items in PVC and PE including:

  • Aspirators
  • Beakers
  • Measuring cylinders
  • Pipettes and pipette tips
  • Syringes
  • Specimen bottles
  • Jugs
  • Wash bottles




Specialised plastics such as PTFE and PMP can also be offered.

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Microbiology and Disposables

Very recently we have finalized dealings with an important supplier in the continent which has enabled us to introduce a wide range in this sector as well:

  • Culture media
  • Autoclave accessories
  • Bags
  • Bottled Media
  • Culture Flask
  • Petri dishes and contact plates
  • Loops and Spreaders
  • Personal Hygiene & Safety Products
  • Pipettes, Micropipettes
  • Reagents: Sterile, Biochemical
  • Samplers
  • Samples: Containers, Bottles
  • Swabs






Products come sterilized to ensure product and test integrity , so vital for the microbiologist.

Besides we also offer a wide range of disposable products at prices which make their use cost effective and precise. Items include weighing boats, test tubes, spreaders, inoculators, sterile trays, etc.

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Instrumentation and Equipment

This section covers a very wide range of equipment , all rated to EU standards and covered by supplier guarantees. We can supply equipment from the major manufacturers and in a number of cases on an exclusive basis.

Our range includes:

  • Autoclaves
  • Balances : electronic and mechanical
  • Baths: water and ultrasonic
  • Block Heaters
  • Centrifuges
  • Colorimeters
  • Conductivity and hardness meters
  • pH meters and electrodes
  • Density and concentration meters
  • Furnaces, ovens and incubators
  • Homogenisers
  • Hotplates
  • Hydrometers
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Pipettors: manual and automated
  • Microscopes
  • Magnetic stirrers
  • Pollution Samplers
  • Pumps: Pressure, Vacuum
  • Refractometers
  • Rheometers
  • Sterilisers
  • Thermometers: spirit, mercury, electronic
  • Titrators
  • Viscometers
  • Water Stills, Deionisers









These products are backed with a technical back up service and arrangements with manufactures to ensure adequate spare part and accessory availability

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An extensive range of educational aids are offered to students and institutions at primary , secondary, post secondary and tertiary level.

  • Biological and anatomical models
  • Charts
  • Physics experimental setups: magnetism, electricity, heat, sound , light, atomic physics
  • Circuit boards
  • Laboratory safety products: lab coats, goggles, gloves, first aid and eyewash stations
  • Chemical models
  • Prepared microscope slides
  • Dissection kits






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Medical and Health

Clinics, hospitals and private laboratories can avail themselves of a wide range of products such as :
Scalpels, specimen containers, disposable gloves, basins, blood testing products, bed pans, sterilization paper, autoclave bags, tablet dispensers, feeding utensils, microbiology disposable and media.

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Laboratory Furniture

Chemic Ltd has already been entrusted with a number of projects in laboratory design and construction. We can offer the design and construction of laboratory furniture according to the requirements and specifications of our client.

We offer a complete range of fittings including:

  • Water fittings
  • Gas cocks
  • Sinks
  • Fume cupboards
  • Safety cabinets
  • Refrigerators
  • Glass washing machines

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